Plumbing and Sanitation in Greece (and Meteora)


Now, it may be becoming my pet whinge, but those of you who have visited Greece before will be aware of the differences in the plumbing systems. Toilet paper is placed in a bin instead of flushed because Greek pipes aren't able to cope with it. That's the theory anyway. I'm afraid that the first two pieces of toilet paper always go down the toilet irrespective, although we tried to keep it to a minimum.

You will also encounter the 'hole in the floor' toilets in rural locations. Toilet paper isn't always provided, as you may discover so it's best to carry some.

If I ever end up living in Greece, I think my contribution to society will be the building and maintenance of a public toilet. Alternatively, if you can recommend good clean public toilets in Greece then we'll start a 'Guide to Good Public Loos in Greece'.

Meteora. Enormous rocky outcrops rising skywards

A rocky outcrop reaching skywards in Meteora