The Great Meteoron Monastery, Meteora, Greece

Great Meteoron on its pillar of rocks to the right of the photograph - Meteora

Winches used to haul monks up the cliffs and into the monasteryThe next monastery, further up the same road, is Great Meteoron, just discernible at the right hand side of the above photograph. From the outside, the winches that used to haul monks in baskets up the vertical cliff walls can still be seen. Nowadays, they have a cable car system for deliveries.

This monastery, like others, has a small museum for visitors; a 16th century refectory and church with frescos. This monastery is closed on Tuesdays.



Photograph taken by Ben Dean on a later visit to Meteora in Greece

Pulley and winch system at one of the monasteries, with a net attached, for pulling heavy weights up the vertical cliffs and into the monastery.




Pulley and winch system at the Great Meteoron Monastery in Meteora, Greece