Day 2 in Meteora, Greece


The next day began with breakfast downstairs. A typical continental style breakfast of bread, cold meat, cheese, hard boiled egg, butter, preserves and honey, with fruit juice, coffee or tea, cost 6 Euros in addition to the room price of 35 euros. With this type of accommodation you have the option of eating elsewhere should you want to try different places, but I admit that we were lazy and ate breakfast here every day.

The weather continued being kind to us and another sunny day with clear blue skies beckoned. Although only the end of March, it was warm enough (16-20 degrees C) for T-shirts and bare arms - ideal weather for walking, although other people we have spoken to complained of it being colder later on, so it's advisable to take coats and some warmer winter clothes just in case. This time we decided to visit one of the other monasteries that we hadn't seen from the outside and once we reached the junction at the very top of the hill, took the road to the right right in direction of the monasteries of Varlaam (Barlaam) and Great Meteoron. We parked the car on a strip of land on top of one of the rocky crags just prior to the official car park. The car parks are all free but there was plenty of space here for turning and away from the coaches.

Monastery perched atop Meteora rocks

The grassy areas on these crags in Meteora are full of pretty wild flowers and although a walk around can be visually spectacular and rewarding, again take care, and keep well away from the edges because it is incredibly dangerous. We did see people taking what seemed to us incredible risks dangling their legs of the edges of precipices. The rocks are popular with climbers but these were just ordinary individuals who were either far braver or more reckless than us.

Varlaam monastery seen from the road at Meteora
pertty wild flowers edge the roads around Meteora
Brave person on top of the rocks at Meteora
View from Varlaam Monastery, Meteora, central Greece
Flowers edging roadside in Meteora
On top of a Meteora rock without a care