Starting our journey to Meteora in central Greece

The rocks of Meteora overlooking the valley Note the monastery on top of the centre rock in Meteora Views of Kalampaka through the rocks of Meteora

This site is an illustrated account of our journey to Meteora in central Greece. We found it a place of great beauty; mentally, physically and spiritually refreshing, and hope that you will enjoy this virtual visit and perhaps add it to your travels one day in the future.

Our visit to Meteora took place at the end of March when winter turns almost overnight into summer, and wild flowers suddenly awake and begin to adorn the hillsides. All we originally knew about Meteora is that this was the place where Byzantine monasteries were built atop rocky pinnacles and monks were hoisted up the vertical cliffs in baskets.

The account of our journey to Meteora has been written with pages following each other sequentially. The NEXT button at the bottom right of each page will enable you read through the pages in the correct order. The menu at the top of each page will allow you to extract sections of interest about Meteora itself.

  Meteora in Greece