The Church in Theodoron Square, Atalanti - en-route to Meteora


The church with the bells

The church overlooking Theodoron Square in Atalanti deserves a special mention. It was the focus of attention on the 22nd of March, which is the eve of a public holiday; the celebration of Independence Day in Greece. A crowd of children dressed in national costume, and their parents gathered in front of the church to participate in some sort of traditional celebration involving strident speeches given by the children, that were amplified by loudspeaker, and applauded by the crowd. The church bells played their part and continued to announce their presence, on the hour, every hour until 10 pm.

We were startled from our dreams at 7 am in the morning by a prolonged and sonorous bell ringing session. Forget your alarm clock if you stay in Atalanti. It will be superfluous to your needs.

If you're passing through Atalanti on your way to Meteora, you may wish to investigate the catacombs of St. Athanassios.