Alpine Scenery of the Mountain Pass to Ioannina, Greece

Snow piled up high at the roadside.  At certain points this was over 2 metres high Why isn't anyone skiing here?


The road continued to climb higher into the mountains with more snow on either side and real wintry and spectacular Alpine scenery all around us. We passed another two snow stations, now closed until the next winter snows.

We made an abortive attempt at climbing the hill but the snow was too deep and our footwear inadequate. With damp feet we returned to the warmth of the car. The temperature was gradually falling, so we donned fleeces over our T-shirts, but it wasn't anywhere as cold as it looked.

Wolves and bears still survive in the northern mountain areas of Greece but are rarely seen.

We had hoped to drive all the way to Ioannina and view the lake, with a stop at Metsovo to see a traditional village and people in traditional dress, but soon realised that it was going to be impossible, and rather than risk driving on these mountain roads in the dark decided to set back to Meteora again. The abiding memories of this drive are the spectacular snowy mountain views across the valleys, the steep wooded hillsides and finding crocuses growing wild beside the snow.

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