Siesta time and Independence day in Kalampaka (Kalambaka), Greece


At about half past one, people finished eating, most businesses shut up shop and the town was left deserted. This was a good time to walk around Kalampaka and get a feel of the town. The best feature of Kalampaka is the massive backdrop of the Meteora rocks. These are even more awe inspiring when viewed from other angles, and it's evident that some of the crags and boulders could crush parts of the town in the event of an earthquake.

Very tourist orientated, the town overflows with signs of all types; for accommodation (hotels, rooms, camping), for food (Greek yoghurt with honey, souvlaki, and other types of popular Greek food dishes), and anything else that tourists might require. In common with every other town in Greece there are several kiosks selling confectionary, mineral water, drinks, cigarettes, condoms, phone cards, bus tickets, and other small essential items. These are open long hours, sometimes through the night. The phone cards they sell are good value at 3 euros and are accepted by all public telephones. There's an Esso petrol station in the town and a couple of others on the way in and out if you need to fill your tank.

There are some attractive bars, with romantic lighting, selling an amazing variety of coffees, as you would find in Athens, but at half the price. There are also those where the local men retreat to. It was quite tempting to invade their territory.

Traditional outfits on Indpependence Day near Meteora in Kalampaka Main road in Kalampaka overlooked by Meteora rocks
Children in national dress on Independence Day near Meteora The main road through Kalampaka to Kastraki, near Meteora

If you're desperate to check your email whilst away from home, there are two internet cafes in the high street and at least one other in a side street. Although the town was mostly quiet whilst we there during the last week of March, it was extremely busy until about 1.00 pm on Independence Day (23rd March). We could easily envisage the town centre teeming with tourists at the height of the season.

Shops and businesses in Meteora re-open from about 3.30pm until 8pm or later in the evening.

Parking in the high street is on one side of the road only Lots of shops for tourists in Kalampaka